--because passing through the eye of a needle isn't as easy as it sounds--
5:57 pm & Aug. 08, 2007

Travis and I have really gotten better over the last few weeks. Only problem is that a switch in my birth control pill and the horrible heat wave (minus central air) have both contributed to my lack of interest in having sex. We still make out and all that good stuff, but I've no desire to get literally hot and sweaty.

Work is better since last week. I'm finally proving my drawer on the first try. I even got my first referral today! I almost screwed it up royally, but I can't be blamed since the most help I got when I first started calling customers was a list of phone numbers. Evidently, I need to have the financial advisor's schedule up on the computer and a paper ready to fill out. Oh well, doens't matter. If the girl shows up tomorrow, I get 20 bucks in my pocket. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Next week is the big summer climbing trip! I'm heading to New Hampshire with Trav, Josh, Drew, and Monica. Sweetness!! The only iffy part is that it will mostly be sport climbing and I'm technically not "certified" to do so. By "certified" I mean that I've climbed lead once or twice IN A GYM. Outside is a completely different ballgame. I don't think I will have any time to get more practice in before the trip because I had to pick up hours for this week since I will have five days off.

Anyway, I'm STILL super excited about it!!!

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